A Matching Grant to Mark Avi’s Birthday

Today, June 11, marks what would have been Avi’s 25th birthday. We are constantly reminded of him by the many seeds he planted that grow and inspire us each day. Over the last three years, we have continued Avi’s work where he left off, creating a wold that he would have built for us.

Through our work, we have seen young student leaders and professionals engage in deep conversations with experts from across the political and religious spectrums at our Jerusalem Symposium. Through the Avi Shabbat program, Hillel student groups took a leadership role on college campuses to advance the conversations among their peers in various cultural and religious communities in order to bridge understanding, both about the Israel-Palestine conversation and about religious similarities and differences. As time goes on, we also acknowledge that Avi’s ideas and passions would have evolved and so too must the Fund. During this next year we will build upon our current programs, while exploring ways to engage with a broader group of students.

We have been very blessed to receive yet another substantial donation to be used as a matching grant to mark Avi’s birthday. Every dollar raised up to $25,000 will be doubled. Given this wonderful opportunity, please consider making a donation today.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and keeping Avi’s vision alive.


The Gross Schaefer Family

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