Nearly 70 Campuses Receive Avi Shabbat Micro Grants

The Avi Shabbat program was created as an opportunity for Jewish and Muslim students on North American campuses to establish a positive connection. To date, nearly 70 campuses have received a small micro-grant from ASF to design an interfaith program around the central theme that one person can make a difference while sharing in faith traditions.

It is anticipated that nearly 100 college campuses will host an Avi Shabbat that will take place between January 18 and March 16.

“The Avi Shabbat program is one way to help promote positive interactions between Muslim and Jewish students on campus, in the hopes that they will lead to more meaningful conversations around Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said Heather Wolfson, managing director of ASF. “We hope that Avi’s story inspires students to make a difference on their campus.”

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