Happy Hanukkah from ASF. Wishing you all a holiday season filled with light and peace.

chanukkah_2013More than ever, ASF’s work – creating a space for respectful and civil dialogue around polarizing issues – has become increasingly important and resonant. Some might say it is THE issue of today.

ASF is committed to funding, convening, and collaborating with like-minded organizations and philanthropists to create programs and opportunities that accomplish our goals:

  • To empower students and emerging leaders to be change-makers;
  • To create opportunities and spaces to speak across the many divides, engage those with different perspectives in dialogue, and develop a path for understanding and respect;
  • To create a culture of civility and optimism through empathy, mutual respect, and active listening – values which Avi lived and we continue to pursue in his memory.

With civility at stake during these unprecedented times, ASF is well positioned to make a difference. Please help us to do more to ensure Avi’s legacy and our mission: Empowering students and emerging leaders to be change-makers dedicated to creating a more civilized, more optimistic world. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Avi Schaefer Fund as part of your end of year giving.

Team ASF


The Avi Schaefer Fund:
Bridging the Divide. Creating a Culture of Civility and Optimism.

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