Our goal was to empower students to be change-makers and to provide them with a toolbox for engaged, open, and civil discourse.




Our strength was in the ability to create safe places in which hard issues can be addressed in collaboration with a wide spectrum of organizational partners.

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LMU at a crossroads: How we define ourselves

We, the LMU community, have a choice as to who we are and who we will be by how we decide to deal with the complex and highly emotional Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We can choose the path taken by many campuses in North America: a path of demonizing attacks, antagonism and, subsequently, a hostile and polarizing environment. We can choose the path of one-sided programs with clear partisan positions.

Interfaith Garden to encourage ‘dialogue’

“An enemy is someone whose story you have not yet heard.” These words spoke to Avi Schaefer, son of LMU professor of Marketing and Business Law, Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer, and encouraged his role as a mediator between Israelis and Palestinians. Schaefer’s dedication to encouraging dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis inspired LMU to erect a memorial in his name – an Interfaith Garden that will be installed beside Drollinger Parking Plaza this school year.

Winner of Avi Peace Prize Announced


At the close of the two-day Israel Conference held at Harvard April 19 – 20, Ambassador Dennis Ross (pictured second from left) announced the winner of the Avi Schaefer Peace Innovation essay competition—Harvard Kennedy School of Government graduate student Joel Braunold (pictured left)—for his proposal on ways that Palestinians and Israelis can work to build trust. The idea for this Peace Innovation competition grew out of the Leadership Colloquium held at Brown University in February and was organized by Harvard students Yoav Schaefer and Nusier Yassin (pictured right and far right).