Avi’s Yahrtzeit

Today, February 12, 2018, marks the 8th anniversary/yahrzeit of Avi’s tragic death. At the same time, we mark eight years of keeping his memory alive, and harnessing the power of his legacy. Avi has been an inspiration for so many others who feel empowered to be the change they want to see in the world.

Avi wanted to live in a world where people cared more about understanding than winning. Avi wanted people to share their true feelings and personal narratives. He knew and acted on the belief that “an enemy is someone whose story you have not yet heard.”

Though Avi is no longer physically here with us, we feel his presence everyday in the work we do and through the support of our many partners across North America, Israel and Palestine.

With every Avi Shabbat, we feel the light of his presence continue to glow.
With every person who is touched by Avi’s story, we grow stronger. With every young person who is inspired by his story to be a leader and change-agent, we feel hope. While the pain of Avi’s absence looms large, the knowledge that others continue on his path gives us comfort and propels us to continue this work in his memory.

“Seek Peace and Pursue It.” This quote, which hung on the wall of Avi’s dorm room at Brown, is truly the essence of what the Avi Schaefer Fund stands for and works towards. May Avi’s memory continue to be a blessing and a catalyst for finding ways to come together and create a kinder world where civility and optimism flourish.

Please consider making a gift today in Avi’s honor. Your donation allows us to continue Avi’s work.


Laurie and Arthur Gross Schaefer
Jill Hoyt, Executive Director, ASF

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