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Avi Shabbat 2018 Grants, Awards, and Gratitude

ASF thanks all the campuses that joined us for Avi Shabbat 2018!

 American University Hillel

*Arizona State University Hillel

*Baruch, John Jay, and City College Hillels

Binghamton Hillel 

*Boston University Hillel

Brandeis Hillel

Brody Jewish Center – Hillel at University of Virginia

Brown RISD Hillel

Calgary Hillel 

Central Michigan Hillel

Colorado State University Hillel 

Dartmouth Hillel

Davis and Sacramento Hillel 

Emory Hillel

Franklin and Marshall Hillel

George Mason Hillel

Goucher Hillel and Goucher Interfaith Council

Hillel 818

Hofstra University Hillel

Houston Hillel

Ithaca College

*Lehigh University Hillel and the University Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

*Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Hillel

Metro Detroit Hillel

Michigan State University Hillel

Middlebury College Hillel

*Milwaukee Hillel 

NC State Hillel

Northeastern Hillel

Northwestern Hillel

Ohio State University (OSU) Hillel

Oregon State Hillel, Oregon Hillel Foundation

Santa Barbara Hillel

SF Hillel and I-Team

Silicon Valley Hillel 

Southern Maine Hillel

Stony Brook Hillel

SUNY Geneseo Hillel

Susquehanna University Hillel

Syracuse University Hillel 

The College of Charleston Hillel/JSU

Towson University Hillel

*Trinity College Hillel

Tulane Hillel

U Penn Hillel

UC San Diego Hillel

UNC-Chapel Hill Hillel

*Union College Hillel

University of Connecticut Hillel

University of Delaware Hillel

University of Georgia (UGA) Hillel 

*University of Illinois Hillel: Margie K. and Louis N. Cohen Center for Jewish Life

University of Miami Hillel

University of Rhode Island Hillel

University of Rochester Hillel

University of Southern California Hillel

*Virginia Tech Hillel 

Wellesley College Hillel

Westchester, Pace University Hillel

Inaugural Avi Schaefer Seek Peace and Pursue It Award Recipients

Alana Kessler (American University Graduate School 2018), Amr Acoub (Trinity College 2018),

Ashley Schnaar (Michigan State University 2018), Dr. Elizabeth Sink (Colorado State University),

Dr. Melanie Wilson (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), Emerson Finkle (University of Rochester 2019), Hannah Ellen (Union College Hillel 2019), Merall Sherif (Colorado State University 2020),

Miriam Roochvarg (NC State 2018), Uma Kalsoom (Union College 2019)

ASF Inspirational Grantees*

Arizona State University, Baruch College, Boston University, Lehigh University

Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Hillel Milwaukee, Trinity College, Union College

University of Illinois, Virginia Tech

For more information about ASF programs, grants, or partnerships, or to learn more about Avi, please email us at