Avi Schaefer Leadership Retreat @Hartman

Avi Schaefer Leadership Retreat @Hartman – Cohort III

June 24 – July 3, 2019

Are You Up for the Challenge?

What are the leadership challenges of today’s Jewish Community? Are you, or those you know, grappling with how to discuss Israel? What will the American – Israel relationship look like in the future — and is there a shared Jewish future? How will tomorrow’s leaders converse and interact with those who are currently in charge? What actions need to be taken? How can we reduce polarization in our own community and in the greater community? How can we find ways to work together in a polarized environment? What is the way forward?

The Avi Schaefer Fund (ASF) is seeking change-makers to be part of a small, diverse cohort of young leaders for a 10-day immersive experience in Israel. It is designed for a core group of millennial peers to reflect, study, and engage among themselves and with older and younger generations. The program is guided by Avi Schaefer’s legacy, spirit, and values of mutual respect, understanding and the quote “An enemy is someone whose story you have not yet heard”. (Read more about Avi and ASF’s mission at www.avischaeferfund.org )

ASF is deeply committed to empowering emerging change-makers, cultivating opportunities for nuanced dialogue, and creating a culture of civility and optimism. We feel very blessed to be partnering with the Shalom Hartman Institute on this program as part of their annual Community Leadership Program.  This year, the topic is Between Loyalty and Imagination: Nationalism and Tribalism in a Global Era. Each of the participants will be chosen based on their history of strong leadership and interest in having a positive impact on not only the Jewish community in general, but also the relationship between Israel and the US, and between Israel and Palestine. 


American Jews between 22-36 years old who have been to Israel and are interested in learning more, growing personally and professionally, and have 

  • A demonstrated history of leadership skills ( We will let you define this in your own words.)
  • An active involvement in the Israel or Israel/Palestine space in North America– either professionally or as a lay leader. (This should include an understanding of modern-day Israel and its historical context.)
  • A willingness to engage in dialogue and discussion, including with people who hold different positions.
  • An interest in the mission of the Avi Schaefer Fund and an interest bridging the deep divides and polarization in the community.


The Avi Schaefer Leadership Retreat at the Shalom Hartman Institute is an annual opportunity for a select cohort of diverse and emerging Jewish leaders to engage in learning about and discussing some of the most important contemporary issues involving Israel and the Jewish world. We provide the cohort with opportunities for rigorous study while also facilitating high-level interactions with esteemed scholars and thought-leaders, as well with Israeli and Palestinian peers. Our program is designed to enhance knowledge, build networks, and strengthen and sharpen effective facilitation skills, focusing on how to lead difficult conversations and engage in constructive disagreement.

Costs of program, airfare, accommodations, most meals and most ground transportation are covered by ASF. (A full list of covered costs is available upon request.)

See a copy of last year’s program here: https://goo.gl/HAUA6y

See a copy of last year’s participants and their bios here: https://goo.gl/qPUMd6

See a copy of testimonials from past program alum: https://goo.gl/iTppTR



  • (Please provide names and contact information for two individuals who can provide a recommendation / nomination on your behalf.)
  • Please list College(s)/University(ies) attended and dates, degree(s), honors and or awards
  • Please include your current position and up to two prior positions, along with dates. These can include campus internships, if relevant.
  • Please provide an example of a situation where you demonstrated leadership. What were your takeaways?
  • Some Questions...



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