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The Avi Schaefer Fund was created by our family to honor Avi and keep his memory alive. The Fund enables our family to have a continuing interaction with Avi and hear his voice as a guide and inspiration in our everyday lives. As we support the Fund’s objectives in various ways, we are able to express our grief and sense of loss in a positive format that gives increased meaning to Avi’s life and to our own. The Fund offers us a vehicle to tell Avi’s story, and thus allows Avi to make a continuing impact in the world. Faced with the tragedy of our loss, our family has made a commitment to work together for a common goal and in doing so the Fund gives us a shared, positive focus and helps make our family stronger.


Dr. Arthur Gross Schaefer, J.D., C.P.A., Rabbi

Dr. Gross Schaefer’s diverse education is enhanced by his practical experience from practicing both law and accounting, and serving as consultant to various organizations. He is a full professor of business law and ethics at Loyola Marymount University where he has taught for over thirty years. He has received numerous teaching awards including the prestigious award as teacher of the year for the university. He is currently the co-chair for the department of business law and Marketing. He is also the past president of the Pacific Southwest Academy of Legal Studies. He speaks around the country for State Bar Associations and State CPA Societies on professional and personal ethics. He has acted as a consultant to the California State Library System in the area of immigrant education and diversity and to the California Three R’s Project on issues of legal resource centers, religion in the public schools and immigrant education. He also consults with law firms, hospitals, non-profit and profit based organizations on issues of effective ethical decision making and values audits. He was the advisor to the LMU Peace Corps Project, an investment banker, and serves on many community organizations. He publishes and speaks on a diverse number of topics including academic freedom, professional ethics, spirituality in the workplace, issues surrounding burnout for attorneys, clergy and business professionals. His wife, Laurie Gross, is an internationally known artist and liturgical consultant. He views his sons as his university.


Laurie Gross Schaefer

Laurie Gross is a nationally known artist recognized for her extraordinarily inspiring and spiritually based work. She reaches into biblical text and her Jewish tradition to create works embodying universal themes and rich metaphors. Much of the creative inspiration for her work is to be found in liturgical text and midrashic material. Her studio has expanded over the past few years to include a staff of other creative artists who, together as a team, are involved in creating some of the finest work that is currently being designed for synagogue worship environments. Seven of the studio’s synagogue projects have received national awards from the American Institute of Architects and The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture in the area of religious art. Laurie’s work has been exhibited at many of the Jewish museums throughout the country. Her work is included in the collections of The Skirball Museum, Los Angeles, and The National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as in many synagogues and private collections. The focus of Laurie’s current work has been the worship environment of the synagogue. Her projects have included ark doors and curtains, torah covers, eternal lights, art glass windows, donor and memorial walls, and site-specific sculptural pieces. It’s possible to visit Jewish communities in New York, Boston, Nashville, Houston, San Diego or Los Angeles to experience the studio’s contribution to the contemporary worship environment.


Elisha Schaefer

Elisha is the oldest of the Gross-Schaefer boys and is a member of the Avi Schaefer Fund’s Board. He holds a degree in theater from Vassar College and has embarked on a career in the arts, working as a set designer, a photographer, and, recently, as an associate with his mother’s art studio designing synagogue and other worship environment-related projects. Elisha has also had the honor of serving as High Holiday Cantor to several congregations, most notably alongside his father at the Community Shul of Montecito and Santa Barbara. Elisha shares with his family a deep love of Israel and Israeli culture, expressed through a lifelong relationship with Israeli folk dance. He is on faculty at de Toledo High School in Los Angeles where he teaches Israeli folk dance and technical theater. He does all the set design and leads a team of trained high school assistants in the building of all the school’s theater productions.

Yoav Schaefer

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Yoav made aliyah to Israel in 2006. After a quick stint in the IDF, he worked in various professional capacities relating to Jewish education, Israeli politics, and the Israeli – Palestinian dialogue. Yoav recently graduated from Harvard University, where he studied political and social theory and intellectual history. Yoav now lives in Israel, where he studies Jewish philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He writes and speaks regularly on issues related to Judaism, Israel and the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

Noah Schaefer

Noah is the youngest of the Schaefer brothers and the youngest member of the ASF’s Board. He spent his high school years in Santa Barbara, Israel, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Upon completion of high school, Noah took a gap-year during which he spent a semester backpacking, rock climbing, white-water canoeing, and slot-canyoneering in the Rockies of Wyoming and Utah with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). He then went on to volunteer on the ambulances in Israel where he compiled more then 560 hours serving with Magen David Adom out of their Jerusalem Station. Noah has completed his EMT certification and is currently working as a counselor and rock climbing instructor at Camp Ramah in the Rockies.



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