Resetting the Table Grants

We are proud to continue our ongoing funding for and partnership with Resetting the Table (RTT), an organization that builds meaningful dialogue and deliberation on Israel across differences in background and views. Through intensive training, skilled facilitation and institutional consultation, RTT works to transform dominant norms of communication on Israel from avoidance and antagonism toward collaborative deliberation.

In 2017 ASF provided grants for 15 selected campus Hillels across the United States to receive customized programs to address their individual needs and build the capacity of students to talk, study, and deliberate together about Israel, across differences in background and views.

In addition, at the 2016 Hillel International Global Assembly in Florida, ASF funded training sessions facilitated by Resetting the Table that included a two-day Intensive for 16 Hillel professionals and a workshop for 40 professionals and Hillel International Board members. Both Hillel professionals and student leaders received training in the Resetting the Table model and were given skills and materials to take back to their respective campuses. See testimonials here.

“Resetting the Table reignited my enthusiasm for Israel education at UVA. The workshop demonstrated that conversations about Israel can provoke meaningful stories that provide insight into an individuals’ values and experiences. I truly valued sessions concerning active listening and reflection, which not only enhances the quality of the conversation, but also strengthens the relationship… I am confident my participation in the workshop has helped me to become a better professional.”
-Melissa, Director of Jewish Engagement, UVA, HIGA Pre-Institute participant

“The training has helped me be more comfortable on how to lead a discussion around Israel on a campus that has very conflicting opinions. Resetting the Table…gave tools to help have dialogue around Israel whether there is no current conversation or an existing adversarial conversation. It has made me feel more confident about teaching student leaders how to have difficult discussions and to have understanding for other students who do not share the same opinions…I suggest it for all Jewish organizations!”
-Corie, Jewish Life Associate, North Carolina Hillel, HIGA Pre-Institute participant

“The framing, creation of a safe space and facilitation made this an outstanding experience… Most conversations around Israel tend to be so emotionally charged. I thought that this empowered me and others to share points of view without a great deal of judgment — very powerful.”
-Jill Smith, Hillel International board member, HIGA Workshop participant

“Today’s event was fantastic. [Our facilitator] was immensely knowledgeable and talented… It was a true gem of an event. Realistic, helpful, and thought-provoking…I feel I learned a great amount in three hours, and strongly recommend Speaking Across Conflict to anybody who wants to better their ability to have deep, complex conversations about things that matter. The [facilitation] training is not only helpful in learning how to facilitate conversations for other people but also amazing in terms of learning how to be a better listener and contribute to conversations in meaningful ways…This experience did and will continue to help me have meaningful and productive conversations about Israel while not shying away from the difficult topics associated with it.”
-Noa, Student Leader, Colby College Speaking across Conflict Workshop and Facilitation Training participant

This academic year (2017-18) we will again be providing grants for a limited number of campuses to take part in these programs.  If you would like to learn more or apply for a grant for your campus, please contact Melissa Weintraub, founding C0-Director of Resetting the Table, directly at

More About Resetting the Table

RTT has no positional agenda. Rather, it seeks to build constructive and direct conversation on some of the most important and fraught issues facing the Jewish people. To date, RTT has directly reached more than 11,800 participants and hundreds of Jewish communal organizations, including 15 Federations and JCRCs, 40 campuses, rabbinical seminaries, JCCs, and synagogues across the country. Resetting the Table has designed a large and growing toolkit of processes that support participants to speak, listen, challenge each other, and make difficult decisions together with honesty, mutual recognition, and respect. Resetting the Table’s unique approach supports participants to move through charged conversations with trained facilitators and process design that draw from expertise in conflict resolution, mediation, and facilitation.

Innovation Grants

Now in its sixth year, the ASF Innovation Grant program promotes original, creative and visionary concepts that foster Avi’s values of empathy, mutual respect, and active listening. These grants will focus on one or both of the following two areas of interest:

  • Promoting open and respectful discourse within the Jewish community, specifically surrounding conversations about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.
  • Fostering interfaith understanding and cross-cultural encounters.

This is now an invitation-only opportunity



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